Subcity Radio

Subcity Radio and Winning Sperm Party recorded the electronic pop come funk come skweee noise of Ben Butler & Mousepad at the Free Hetherington

Joe Howe (aka Ben Butler & Mousepad) left Glasgow for Berlin to collaborate on the Joemus project with “electronic vaudevillian” Momus, before that he was recording and performing with one of the best twisted pop duo OF ALL TIME: Gay Against You. Since then he has taken on a number of projects including a series of recordings at WORM studios in Amsterdam and most recently a sound piece to accompany an opera about synth pioneer Wendy Carlos. His performances have licks of improvisation, sometimes accompanied by a live drummer, welding the keytar for extended solos, or just some tight synthetic funk jams. A prolific artist, working on a number of synth centric projects, including his own brand of thick rocking skweee available on LOAF Recordings, his Souncloud, his Bandcamp and a split 7” with Sprutbass on Dødpop . He plays solo or with Bastian Hagedon on drums. 

Have a look at some more flicks here. Photos courtesy of Rachael Smith.